Thursday, October 14, 2010

Battle at the Beach

Well, I only slept for 4 hours last night and was stressed about getting up on time today so I didn't recall any dreams.  In lieu of failure, I'm going to post a dream I had a few days ago that I thought was interesting.  This is only a partial dream but I thought it was cool nonetheless.

Riding in a car with my female friend L down a dirt road bordering a beach that was blocked off with chain link fences, we turned around at a dead end.  I was in the middle of the front bench seat between her and a young teenage girl was with us and trying to convince L that she would make a good assistant to her.  The girl was well dressed and very professional but when she spoke it was obvious that she was slightly unsure of herself. 

L was already agitated at the situation at hand, driving down the road with intentful purpose.  We did have a mission to complete after all.  The girl could sense her discomfort and spoke up again, "You can fire me if I don't meet your expectations."  She hoped that this would calm L and give her little reason not to accept her. 

L, clenching the steering wheel whiteknuckled, snapped back, "Bitch, if you don't meet my expectations, I will fucking kill you."

The girl clammed up staring forward at the floorboard of the car.  I'm sure she had no counterpoint to what had just been stated. 

Without warning, as if we had impacted a roadside bomb, the car lunged upward into the air.  I lost consciousness momentarily as the vehicle split open like a tin can and we were ejected.  All of us were blown across the beach, the car laying on the road, a twisted hunk of metal. 

L was sprawled out close to  the water not moving at all.  I was on the other side of the road perched up against a rock.  The girl was nowhere in sight.  Our target appeared down the beach, a cybernetic monstrosity lumbering on a direct path towards L. 

My body was injured badly.  I found myself unable to get up and L was in a similar condition with that thing coming after her.  It must have been 20 yards away from her when it pounced, landing directly on top of her.  I could she her struggling now as it had her by each arm, thrashing violently. 

Still not able to move, I began to summon strength from somewhere deep inside.  I kept repeating to myself over and over, "My friend is in trouble." 

Eventually, I was able to get to my feet and with a boost of energy I sprung from the other side of the road right behind the cyborg.  This was a distance multiple times longer than it had leapt though it didn't occur to me at the time.

I grappled him around his shoulders trying to pry him off L.  He payed little attention to me, completely focused on her while she struggled with him.  I couldn't seem to make him budge or cause any significant damage to get his attention.

Finally, I noticed there was an encased harness of wires or connections of some sort stemming from his torso to the base of his head.  With  a sudden surge of power, I grabbed this device and ripped it in half causing a spiral of colors to appear. 

The world seemed to go into slow motion as I did this and the creature became exasperated.  Its neck shot back and its mouth cracked open in pain as blood shot out.  L stopped her struggle as the thing toppled to the ground.  I offered a hand and helped her up.

Back at our base of operations, we viewed the contents of a chip that was controlling the cyborg.  It detailed its functions and explained the source of its power.  Apparently, it was being controlled by an organism with two souls giving it an immense amount of power.  We then understood why it had been so difficult to subdue. 

This proceeded to speculation of the combination of souls and how a quad-soul and beyond cyborg might be possible and, at the same time, terrifyingly powerful.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yet Another Blog But Why?

I was looking at some of my old writings the other day while trying to get ideas for my blog and came across my old dream journal that was around 10 years old. I had nearly 2 years worth of dreams recorded anywhere from daily to weekly and sometimes up to 5 dreams a night!

Some don't recall their dreams at all and just assume they never dream. The truth is we all dream but without conscious intention to remember our dreams we easily forget them upon awakening or shorty thereafter.

Since I was a kid, I would recall at least 1 dream a night. There was something fun and exciting about dreaming that almost goes without saying. The dreamscape is a world without rules or consequences of actions. You might see a balloon hovering in the driver's seat of a school bus and rationalize it someway. For example, balloons have gained human-like intelligence or people have created sentient droid balloons that can perform these functions. The point is you take for granted things that, if happened in the waking state, would be outright ridiculous.

Oh wow did I digress there. I will be posting sometime tomorrow tonight's dream(s).

I hoping this will be entertaining to everyone else as well!