Friday, November 5, 2010

Demon Squad

I was a cheftian in a group of tortured souls.  There were two sects; one evil and one good.  Both were demons of questionable morals however the "good" group acted to stop the "evil" group from their devious plans of domination.  I was in the "good" group and we staged our attack on the others.

We were large 4 legged demons with a gait similar to a dragon.  The captain of our team started slowly advancing toward the other group.  We all believed he was making his way to the front for a display of power but then he suddenly charged in to the enemy fray.  Momentarily, I was shocked beause we were still in the planning stages of our offense but, as he brandished his glowing green axe, I had no worries, knowing that he was nigh unstobbable.

He slashed though the crowd beating down one after another while most of us watched in awe.  Shortly after the attack was initiated, we all join in with a charge forward to engage the others.  At this point, the dream because fuzzy and recollection fades.

Later, I am standing in the back yard of a friend's house at niight.  They are grilling meat.  I grab a hotdog with a bun and start to eat.  I can't finish it for some reason and want to throw it away.  Immediately, I realize where I throw this away matters.  Whereever it is discarded, bad things will happen to the owners of that trash can.  I realize that the demons will come and turn the owners into demons as well.  Leading full circle back to the events that had turned me into a demon chetain in the battle described before.  I decide to find a neighboors trash can to put the hotdog remains in all the time feeling bad about cursing someone else.

If anyone thinks this dream is strange, it is only a glimpse of the things I normally dream of.  The feelings and mood of my dreams are the most intense and hardest to convey.