Thursday, May 19, 2011

Zombie Apocalyspe in a School

I've been picking up on my dream recall lately and this blog is certainly at work in helping out with that.  A weird fact is that I've been having dreams about zombies since I was 9 or so.  I watch the Night of the Living Dead remake and it seriously put me on this path.  Something seems so interesting and eerie about zombies.  Anyways...

I was with 2 other guys in  a building.  It was supposed to be a work setting (I work at an office) but we were in the halls of a school.  The two other guys were arguing and one, who was mentally challenged, punched the other in the jaw.  The other guy retaliated and did the same making the mentally challenged guy start crying and whining about how he should not have hit him.  The normal guy retreated into the bathroom and I tried to reason with him.  I knew it wasn't fair but I want to calm the special guy down.

We exited the bathroom and were talking while the special guy was coming back to himself.  I noticed that there were 3 bathrooms and posed why as a question to my normal friend.  He was confused but I stated, "One for women, one for men, what is the other one for?"  We didn't have an answer so I decided to investigate.

It just seemed like a normal bathroom with a stall so I went back into the hall.  My friend pointed out a sign on the outside of the door of the bathroom.  It was a graphical depiction about how to enter the toilet in the stall and crawl through the pipe to reach a secret area.  Both of us agreed there was no way in hell that was happening no matter what was down there.

My friends wander off and I stroll down the dimly lit hallway to explore the area.  All of the sudden, I can feel a chill creep up on me.  Down the hall behind me, zombies appeared and lined the corridor.  There was a horde of them so I decided to play it smart and continue further down the hall.  As I turned the corner, another group of zombies were there so I was enclosed, my only method of survival was to fight.

Out of nowhere, I pulled an invisible shotgun (When I summon items in my dreams like firearms, it usually consists of me doing as I did when I was five and imagining the item in my hands and using it.  For example, I basically move one hand to cock the shotgun and both to simulate the recoil when it fires.  Yes, I'm crazy but it works.) and start blasting away.  The zombies are slow so I take most of them down, taking my aim back and forth between the two groups.

To my surprise and horror, a zombie, smiling and holding a wrapped gift in both hands, sprints right up towards me in a suicide charge.  I can't place it but I had seen this before somewhere and it was obvious the "present" was an explosive charge.  Quickly, I raised a shield which resonated a dark yellow, almost gold, energy protecting me from the blast.  After blasting away some more undead, one particularly sinister looking beast approaches me.  I know it is different and raise a sword to decapitate it.  As I brandish this weapon, its head turns from flesh to a skull glowing neon green.  I brace my arm and attack.  Even though it increased its power at that last moment, I was still able to dismantle it. 

Clearing up the rest of the pack, I advance down the hallway looking for a way out.  Somehow, I am keeping in radio contact with my buddies who tell me that some people in the school are behind the sudden onslaught of the undead.  I finally reach the end of the line where I spot the culprits.  There are a few of them there talking about their plans.  As I sneak up to dispatch them, I see a "mistress" detect my presence and try to cut me off.  We duke it out and I quickly get the best of her.  With the others defenseless and easily taken care of, I discover a frightened child held captive among them.  I take the kid and escort them back down the hall to the exit.

On the way, the layout of the halls seemed to have changed.  I radio this to my friends and they tell me the path to take.  My curiosity gets the best of me and I decided to explore some more, keeping the child behind me for protection.  As I start to round a corner, my friends radio me saying I'm going the wrong way and that "there is a 71% chance that a "xxx" (some sort of monster) is down the next hall".  I continue anyway wanting to map out the place.

Sure enough, there is a monster crouched in a corner.  It hadn't seen me yet so I take a moment to survey the area and grab a weapon from shelf that only contains office supplies.  I debate taking a stapler and staples (yeah, I know) but the staples I touch are "soft" I decided that the hole puncher would be the most effective (yeah, I know).  Indeed, it is effective as I whack the monster to death with the hole puncher.  When I go back down the hall to find the kid, she had disappeared so I backtrack to the room I found her and the culprits to look for her.

As I enter the room, I get a strange feeling again as when the zombie initially appeared.  Apparently, the kid I was going to save was a sister mistress to the one I had killed.  The dead one was alive again at this point and now I had to take them both down.  I tightened my grip around my trusty hole puncher and readied my pounce to attack.

They laughed at me saying that I would never be able to defeat their creation.  They then started channeling a spell to summon a flying bird-like demon which swooped around the rafters of the room.  I decided to end this quickly, so I snuck around a shelf where one of the sisters was channeling and whacked her with the hole puncher a few times.  With her down, the spell was disrupted and the game was over.

I then headed the fuck out of there, hole puncher in hand.

(For those of you who have read my previous entries and thought I have weird dreams, this dream is about average in weirdness for me.  They get much, much stranger.  Trust me.)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Steve Carell at the movies

I had been hanging out with some friends when we decided to go see a movie.  I had no idea what we were about to go see but everyone else seemed excited so I tagged along.  We walked into a large theater which was mostly empty until we entered the show room.  This place was packed.  It had multiple levels and seemed to resemble a school gymnasium with a movie screen front and center. 

I can't recall what the movie was about as I was focused on the many characters in the crowd and their interactions.  There was plenty of talking and this seemed to be more of a social gathering than a movie viewing.  Michael Scott from The Office was the lead in the movie.  No, I don't mean Steve Carell, the actual character Michael Scott was playing.  The movie viewing transformed into watching it in his living room. 

My original group of friends and Michael where sitting around the room.  He had a complicated and high-tech setup for his TV.  No one seemed to be able to figure out the controls except him which became a problem when one of us messed it up and couldn't get the movie to play again.  After many others tried, they handed the remote to me.  The TV had to be tuned to channel 3 however the remote only had two choices for channels: 5 and 55.  I struggled with it for quite a period of time to no avail.  He became increasingly more frustrated and ended up leaving the room in disgust.  All the while, as we attempted to fix the TV, he could not be bothered to do it even though he was very familiar with how to fix the problem.

This upset me a little since he was my favorite character in a show I had watched religiously for years.  My friends and I all sat around conversing hoping he would return.  He didn't.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Anxiety Dreams: A Diabolical Mixture Part 1

As much as I hate to admit it, these types of dreams have been a popular genre with me lately.  I preferred to wait until my dream recall returned to more than a dream or two a night before I restarted this blog.  It looks as if that may not happen for awhile.  Indeed, having a public dream journal can be very revealing and is difficult for even the most outgoing of persons.

It all started in a school complex where I lived.  Not that I was rooming in a dorm there but my apartment was encompassed within the place so I could retreat to my quarters when necessary to be alone.  There seemed to be quite a number of bright intellects there even though I was told many times that it was an unaccredited community college.  Most of the people seemed younger in a weird zone between high school and college age.

I was attending some sort of social science class which held my interest momentarily until I  realized that I was a hard science geek.  I slipped away from my classes soon enough and began to wander the halls interacting with the people I came across.  Up the stairs, down the corridor, and the same on the next ascending level.  There always seemed to be people mulling about trying to get to the next lesson.  Most of them walked around in groups in their field of study which seemed to only consist of one course for everyone.

Shortly thereafter, I found myself in my apartment, which was on an upper level, playing with my cat, Simon.  Per his usual role in my dreams, he transforms from a playful domestic into a ferocious predator without changing his physical appearance.  He wanders out to the balcony and plunges after a large crane-like bird down to a lower level.  The birds flight response is literally lifting it into the air to a higher level of the complex.  Simon paces back and forth on a ledge looking for a way up.  A lone guy at the same level as Simon shouts to me to pull a lever.  I had been looking for something similar at the time and saw the device just as he yelled to me.  Upon pulling the switch, the two levels merged and Simon walked toward the bird which was sitting docile where it had landed.