Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Steve Carell at the movies

I had been hanging out with some friends when we decided to go see a movie.  I had no idea what we were about to go see but everyone else seemed excited so I tagged along.  We walked into a large theater which was mostly empty until we entered the show room.  This place was packed.  It had multiple levels and seemed to resemble a school gymnasium with a movie screen front and center. 

I can't recall what the movie was about as I was focused on the many characters in the crowd and their interactions.  There was plenty of talking and this seemed to be more of a social gathering than a movie viewing.  Michael Scott from The Office was the lead in the movie.  No, I don't mean Steve Carell, the actual character Michael Scott was playing.  The movie viewing transformed into watching it in his living room. 

My original group of friends and Michael where sitting around the room.  He had a complicated and high-tech setup for his TV.  No one seemed to be able to figure out the controls except him which became a problem when one of us messed it up and couldn't get the movie to play again.  After many others tried, they handed the remote to me.  The TV had to be tuned to channel 3 however the remote only had two choices for channels: 5 and 55.  I struggled with it for quite a period of time to no avail.  He became increasingly more frustrated and ended up leaving the room in disgust.  All the while, as we attempted to fix the TV, he could not be bothered to do it even though he was very familiar with how to fix the problem.

This upset me a little since he was my favorite character in a show I had watched religiously for years.  My friends and I all sat around conversing hoping he would return.  He didn't.