Friday, May 13, 2011

Anxiety Dreams: A Diabolical Mixture Part 1

As much as I hate to admit it, these types of dreams have been a popular genre with me lately.  I preferred to wait until my dream recall returned to more than a dream or two a night before I restarted this blog.  It looks as if that may not happen for awhile.  Indeed, having a public dream journal can be very revealing and is difficult for even the most outgoing of persons.

It all started in a school complex where I lived.  Not that I was rooming in a dorm there but my apartment was encompassed within the place so I could retreat to my quarters when necessary to be alone.  There seemed to be quite a number of bright intellects there even though I was told many times that it was an unaccredited community college.  Most of the people seemed younger in a weird zone between high school and college age.

I was attending some sort of social science class which held my interest momentarily until I  realized that I was a hard science geek.  I slipped away from my classes soon enough and began to wander the halls interacting with the people I came across.  Up the stairs, down the corridor, and the same on the next ascending level.  There always seemed to be people mulling about trying to get to the next lesson.  Most of them walked around in groups in their field of study which seemed to only consist of one course for everyone.

Shortly thereafter, I found myself in my apartment, which was on an upper level, playing with my cat, Simon.  Per his usual role in my dreams, he transforms from a playful domestic into a ferocious predator without changing his physical appearance.  He wanders out to the balcony and plunges after a large crane-like bird down to a lower level.  The birds flight response is literally lifting it into the air to a higher level of the complex.  Simon paces back and forth on a ledge looking for a way up.  A lone guy at the same level as Simon shouts to me to pull a lever.  I had been looking for something similar at the time and saw the device just as he yelled to me.  Upon pulling the switch, the two levels merged and Simon walked toward the bird which was sitting docile where it had landed. 


  1. Awesome post man, sounds like a cool dream :>